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Phil and Joy Dickey have two grown children and seven  grandchildren.  Phil was saved at a young age*, and has been singing almost since he learned to talk, growing up in a family where all were musically inclined.  At the age of twelve, he began to sing in the church choir,   In High school and college, Phil enjoyed singing in the concert choirs, in the barbershop style quartet, and began to do solo work at church.

In 1971, while serving in the Navy, Phil met Joy and they were married.  Phil continued to regularly share inspirational music wherever he went, singing in such places as a Coffee House in Vallejo, California,  aboard ship, and in churches, Christian Servicemen's Centers, and other gatherings in California and overseas. 

Phil and Joy
After Phil was released from active duty, he and Joy returned to Phoenix where they continued to serve in the local Church.

Joy loves music too; During their years in the Phoenix church, she directed several children's musicals and sang in the choir and ensemble. Joy is an indispensable part of the ministry team; She operates the sound system and provides that ever needed moral support (two very important jobs).  Also, since this ministry is more than just music, Phil and Joy each have opportunities to minister in a number of ways.

This particular ministry was formed through a series of events beginning with a serious auto accident in 1989, and culminating in Phil losing his job three years later.  The next few months were a time of concentrated prayer and Bible study leading to the conclusion that God was calling them to a deeper life of faith and into some type of ministry. It then became apparent that this ministry would include music AND other forms of encouragement.

Eventually, in 1994, the Lord led them to sell their house and move into the 5th wheel trailer which became their home, office, and ministry center. This move provided much greater flexibility in scheduling and allowed extended concert tours in multiple states. In early 1995, Phil recorded and began distributing his first cassette album. Since that time, he has released five additional recordings, with the latest two on CD only. As cassettes were being replaced by CD's, the original two "tape only" projects were remastered and combined into one "double" CD, so that all of the music is now available in CD format.

“We LOVE to minister in any way we can, and we seriously try to accept every invitation. We do not require any specific minimum compensation. Many churches cannot obligate to pay a fixed expense amount, and our Lord has demonstrated many ways of providing for his servants.  We gratefully accept every love offering as from the Lord, and treat it as such, since everything we have comes from, and belongs to, Him.”

*For Phil's personal account of conversion, see the "testimony" page

 What We Do

We are a full time faith ministry supported by the Lord in any way HE chooses to provide.
ALL ministry services, including concerts, recorded albums, and ministry literature are provided on a freewill offering basis
Our mission is to encourage the saints and to support Bible believing churches and pastors in a variety of ways including, but not limited to:
1. Presentation of gospel messages in music and the spoken word.

2. Assisting with church-related work as may be in line with our various gifts and abilities.

3. Availability for fellowship and other forms of encouragement as may be called for.

In ALL of this, it is our desire to glorify God through sharing the GOOD NEWS of Jesus Christ, and building up the church and its basic unit, the Christian family.
Look for additional information on our
References and What we believe pages
Now that you've read some background on Phil & Joy and the beginnings of this ministry, you can view slideshows of many of the places we have ministered and traveled over the course of our 20 years on the road (as of the end of 2014). This link will take you to the SLIDESHOWS page. We also invite you to visit our Facebook page where all of the pictures have been uploaded to the "Photos" tab
Give me forty acres, and I'll turn this rig around - Image: backing 5th wheel Backing the 5th wheel "house" is not terribly difficult, but in THIS parking lot, it was quite a challenge to actually get it turned around. This was our first pickup and 5th wheel early in our ministry. We have since replaced the trailer once, and the truck twice, with newer models.

One day, on our 1998 summer tour, we had an opportunity to see the lighthouse at Point Arena, California; Just as we arrived, a Corvette club was showing up.
I couldn't resist this shot of our 20+ year old truck next to the 40+ year old Corvette. We drove that truck until 2004, and I wouldn't be surprised if that the Corvette is still driven by the same owner.


And what kind of grandparents would be caught without pictures of their grandchildren?

From left to right, here are Jennifer, Nathan, Shannon, Joshua, Rachel, Amanda, and Stephanie. As they all get older it becomes more difficult to get them all together. As of the end of 2014, the oldest two are in college and the youngest turned 10 years old.

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