Listed below are some links to sites that are important to us and may be of interest to our visitors. When you visit them, if you find something of interest and communicate with the hosts, please let them know how you came to visit their pages.

Phil's Home Church for over 45 years, West High Baptist Church, in Phoenix, Arizona, originally commissioned this ministry and continues to stand by us with regular support, both in prayer and finances. Their website is: 
They can be contacted at:

Phone: (602) 265-4827

Or contact the church by E-mail at:

Our OTHER home church is Ponderosa Bible Church in Payson, Arizona. We became informally associated with this church when our mailing address had to be changed in 2006.
In early 2007, we made it official by becoming formally associated as a non-integral, associated ministry.  Their website URL is:

They can be contacted at:
Phone: 928-474-9279
Ponderosa logo


Village Missions logo Over the years, we have ministered in quite a number of small town churches, many of whom are served by "Village Missionaries" . We continue to return to most of these churches and we value our relationship with Village Missions. For the large number of small town churches who would otherwise struggle to find or retain a pastor simply because of the financial considerations, Village Missions is an answer to prayer. They provide a full time pastor for these communities across the U.S. and Canada  where the need is great. I am particularly impressed with their motto, "Preach the Word and Love the People" . We are blessed to be a small part of these churches as we have opportunity to encourage them with our concerts.


Randy Thompson promotional photo  Three of the songs I recorded on "What's That In Your Hand?"  AND one of the songs on "Tell Me A Story" were written by our friend, Randy Thompson. Randy was a major influence on this ministry, especially in the beginning stages. His music has the ability to really cut through the surface and touch your heart in both the words and the music. Even though Randy is no longer touring, his music continues to minister to thousands of people around the world. We have chosen to include four more of his songs on our latest project, "Southwestern Gospel". We are confident that his music will bless you as much as it has blessed (and continues to bless) us.


Charlie Walker is a Christian Country singer/songwriter from Prineville, Oregon. We are blessed to count him as a friend, AND we are blessed to have his music available to record. Our "I Love My Country" CD features three of Charlie's songs, and our "Southwestern Gospel" CD has one more. According to his mission statement, they are designed to minister encouragement to those who listen. We hope they do exactly that through this ministry also.

If you are in the Pacific Northwest, you may have already heard of him or even have met him in your local church. If  not, maybe you can get him to come to your church. I know you will be blessed.

You can contact him through his website:

Charlie Walker - Rest in His Promise


Dartts Logo
Tracy Dartt has been known in the field of Southern Gospel music for over forty years, and has written hundreds of gospel songs, many of which have been recorded by some of the finest groups and soloists in gospel music.

The Dartts, as a family group, and currently as a duet, travel full time, ministering to churches across the country, as well as into Canada, on cruise ships, and on foreign mission fields.

I recorded six of Tracy's songs on my "I Love My Country" CD, and we are blessed to count the Dartts as friends. I'm sure that you too will be blessed by their music, whether you invite them to sing at your church, or just buy the CD's.

ANSWERS IN GENESIS is a great resource for information about dinosaurs, how the earth was REALLY formed, and lots of other good stuff.

At their website, you can:

  • Find out where Ken Ham will be speaking (and other seminars)
  • Listen to "Answers" radio programs
  • Subscribe to ANSWERS magazine (shown at right)
  • Order good books, tapes, and CD's
  • Access many other great Bible resources. 
Answers magazine cover shot


We are blessed to count Craig Bass as a friend. We have known Craig for many years and he is a very talented artist. He has put his artistic skills to very good use in designing websites, and he provides website design and hosting for a number of churches and businesses across the country.
We recommend Craig Bass to anyone looking for website design and hosting services.

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