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Dear Pastor,
It is our calling, and our desire, to serve God by encouraging the church;
Musical concerts during regular Sunday services are the most common means of doing that.

On the other pages of this website, you can find out what we believe, what kind of music is presented, and how this ministry came into being.
THIS PAGE, however, is addressed specifically to what you, as a pastor or other church leader, need to know as you consider using our ministry in your local church.
You probably receive calls and letters from traveling ministers and musical groups all the time, asking for an opportunity to present some kind of message in your church. The question you ask yourself is, "why should I invite this person or group to sing or preach from the pulpit where I am called to minister?".
The answer is up to you, as you determine God's plan for your congregation. Let me briefly explain a few things which I hope will aid you in this decision as it concerns Dickey Ministries.
Our intent and purpose is to enhance the pulpit ministry, not to detract from it.

Even though the messages are presented in musical format, they are designed to encourage and challenge the listeners through strategically planned songs and the spoken word. Most often, it is our personal testimony that directs the flow of the message, but always with direct reference to the Bible as our source. From time to time, we are called on to provide pulpit supply for pastors who are on vacation, or in churches without a pastor. In those cases, the message is still normally presented through music but, if we are supplying messages for both morning and evening worship services at the same church, the morning message will usually contain a more direct spoken message, combined with music, and the evening message will be presented using more music and less "talk".


From the "Background page", you will find that Phil was called to ministry in "mid-life" from secular work. At that time, our home church recognized the calling and began mentoring and examination processes. Our complete doctrinal statement is on file both in our office, and in the office of West High Baptist Church. Shortly after that, Phil was officially licensed as a minister of the Gospel. West High Baptist Church in Phoenix continues to support this ministry with prayer and a small financial monthly gift. From 1998 until 2006, the Lord had us based in Apache Junction, Arizona where additional Bible education was afforded through an informal school which eventually became known as "Desert Bible Institute". In 2006, we were moved to Payson, Arizona by the Lord's direction, and became associated with Ponderosa Bible Church, so we are now officially endorsed by our two "home" churches.


Many "concert ministries" require a certain fee for performing, or spend much of the concert promoting their CD's and other merchandise. Some are even known for promoting fundraising events or commercial ventures as a part of their ministry.
We believe it is the responsibility of the minister to conduct the "business" of ministry as God has directed that minister, and we are not in a position to judge others for the way they operate their organizations. However, we believe that God HAS called THIS ministry to operate without requiring fees for services, trusting in God alone to provide for all our Ministry and personal expenses.
THEREFORE, our ministry is offered on the basis that, as people are blessed and encouraged by the message and the music, they are given the opportunity to share financially in the ministry.
The concerts, CD's, and publications are ALL offered on the same "love offering" basis.
Since the Lord called us into this ministry in late 1992, we have ministered in over 300 churches across the United States. Many churches have invited us back again and again, and several pastors have sent letters in response to our concerts. These letters are available on the reference letters page.

We invite you to read further about our ministry by going to the letters, or by clicking the "next" button at the bottom of this page which will return you to the standard tour of the site. Any questions not answered in these pages can be addressed directly to us by E-mail:

Thank you for taking the time to read this; We look forward to meeting you and ministering at your church, should the opportunity be presented.

Phil & Joy Dickey

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