This page is the source of information for Dickey Ministries' prayer partners. We will attempt to provide updated requests for those who wish to pray more effectively for this ministry. Also, we will try to keep it updated as God answers the requests that are posted.

Multiple email prayer letters have gone out since the last one that was mailed by the U.S. Postal Service. This page has been updated  several times since then as well. For now (due in part to to the increasing cost of postage and the larger numbers of people now using email), it seems that we will likely be discontinuing the printed format for the Prayer Partner letters. If you are not a registered prayer partner, or ARE a registered Prayer Partner for the PAPER versions, and would like to receive E-mail updates and prayer requests as they arise, please let us know at:
Dear Prayer Partner,

It has again been quite some time since this page was last updated. In 2010 we had a very good tour to the western U.S. and look for God's continued leading as we plan the 2011 extended concert tour to the eastern states and those between here and there. Below are some updates to previous requests, along with some new ones.

Prayer Requests

( From 1/2006 - As a result of getting a new (to us) 5th wheel trailer, we are really asking more of the truck than it was designed for. Please pray that God will sustain the mechanical aspects of this ministry, either by providing a heavier truck, or keeping this one going, since it now has about 150,000 miles on it.)

From early 2010 (to email prayer partners) - the "new" truck came to us with a problem not discovered until it was paid for. Apparently a head gasket leak was causing it to go through a gallon of coolant every 100-500 miles (depending on whether towing or not). An estimate of the repairs was in the neighborhood of $4,000.

From June 2010 - Both Joy and I needed significant amounts of dental work, with no dental insurance. Estimates ranged from $4,000 - $8,000

Answers - Praise God!

Update 12/2009 - Because of a very generous gift from a friend of this ministry, we were able to purchase a new (to us) 2001 heavy duty 3/4 ton pickup with about 130,000 miles on it. That was considerably less than the 205,000 miles on the old truck, and a substantially heavier vehicle. In fact, this is the first time in years that we have actually been pulling our "house" with a truck rated to handle the load.

March 2011, we elected to try an additive before putting the truck in the shop. The "Head Gasket Fix" from Bar's Leaks company apparently did the job for under $100, Praise God! As of the end of 2010, we have driven the truck about 12,000 miles (about 8,000 of those miles fully loaded, pulling the "house"), with no measurable loss of coolant.

Update 5/2011 - A friend of our son, who is a dentist, gave us a substantial discount from his regular rates and took care of the most urgent needs for just over $1100. He has also given us an extended period of time to pay for the work. As of yet, we still owe the entire amount, so that will show up below as a request.

These are the current requests we would like you to pray for:

1. Continued prayer for protection on the road, and for our own spiritual walk as we share with others about this life of faith.
2. Our 2011 concert tour is coming together, but I am on the phone regularly to finish filling it in. As mentioned above, we expect to be traveling all the way to the east coast and would appreciate your prayers for me as I contact the churches.
3.  We still need to pay off the bill for the dental work done, and there are other needs that are less urgent, but could become urgent if put off too long. Each of us needs at least two crowns, so please pray for guidance as to how to get that work done.
4. Most importantly - Pray that we would continue to be effective in the work that God has called us to; THAT IS, to encourage the saints wherever we are given the opportunity. Quite often, that opportunity comes on the spur of the moment, and could be a pastor who is discouraged, a church member struggling to understand God's will, or even a sound system operator needing some technical help. There are many different facets to this work, music being only one. As God places us where He wants us to be, we desire to be good servants.

As always, thanks for praying - we appreciate your contribution to this ministry,

Phil & Joy

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