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Hosting a concert?

Download promotional materials here:

(Right click on the link and select "save link as" from the context menu)

Unless otherwise indicated, the following are all PDF files in 8-1/2" x 11" size

Color PosterSouthwestern Gospel color poster

This poster is designed to print for placement in the church and/or in the community.

B/W PosterSouthwestern Gospel B&W poster

This is the same poster, but saved in grayscale for printing in black ink only.

Bulletin Insert

Make multiple prints and/or copies of this sheet, then cut in half and distribute in/with the bulletins on the concert date.
This will make it much easier for us to explain how we handle our CD's on a love offering basis.

Promotional Ideas Sheet 

Just some thoughts on how to promote the concert in your church and community

Press Release Copy

Some suggested scripts for use as announcements on radio, in the church, etc.

Financial Information sheet 

Please read this informational sheet and pass on to whoever will be announcing the love offering.

Color brochure

This is the double sided brochure we distribute at concerts and mail out with information packets. Normally, you won't need to print any of these, but it is provided for your information and, if needed, to pass on to interested people or those who will make announcements.

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